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Top 10 most intimidating

The Ryan Express hit 158 batters during his career, not counting the beating he gave a young Robin Ventura for charging the mound.

He struck out 2,453 during his 15-year career, and his 74 games of 10 or more K's rank fourth behind Ryan, Koufax and Steve Carlton.

It was said of Johnson, the all-time leader in hit batsmen with 203, that only Smokey Joe Wood could throw harder among his contemporaries.

Gossage racked up 310 saves and 1,502 strikeouts in 22 seasons.

His glory years were with the Yankees from 1978 to '82, and he is best remembered for closing out their epic 1978 playoff game against Boston to win the AL East and, later, the World Series.

Marichal rapped the catcher on the head with his bat, sparking a wild brawl.

Is there anything more frightening for a hitter than facing a 6-foot-10 lefty with a 100-mph fastball and control problems?

If you don't have a blog, just post your answers as a comment. However, I'm very intimidated by it because I hear it is crazy and it's kinda thick. I was intimidated by the subject matter and I've read excerpts and knew that it wasn't an "easy" read as far as language goes. I was told I needed to read this by a guy I used to talk about and he made it seem like I'd be the biggest idiot if I didn't like it or "get it." 5. (Shakespeare): I've read some Shakespeare for school but I'm deathly afraid of actually reading them on my own and for real..just Sparknotes for school.

(Mark Danielewski): I've had this book on my shelf since October of 2008. (Dante): Ok, I've had to read parts of this for school. Finnegan's Wake (James Joyce): I don't think I need to elaborate!

In doing so, they did one thing that I find to be completely ridiculous – they only picked guys who aren’t playing anymore.

Just because guys are still in the League shouldn’t preclude them from being selected.

We'd love to share our lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists! I had a friend recommend it highly and said I would love it.