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These are bootlegs with material from only one or two shows or from the same band. This very naughty recording of Frank Zappa and (this incarnation of) the Mothers of Invention was made on January 23rd, 1976 at Melbourne's Festival Hall.

The Shut Up & Play Yer Guitar version of "Ship Ahoy" consists of - - of the Osaka recording. At the time, I believe, it was the only mid-priced deck of its kind (about $200).

(On Zoot Allures, the - and - parts of "Black Napkins" have been edited out. (I used the same deck 4 years later to record an interview I did with Zappa).

Zoot Allures () It is from this legendary concert that the (abridged) Zoot Allures version of "Black Napkins" is lifted, just like "Ship Ahoy" on Shut Up & Play Yer Guitar (and parts of "Duck Duck Goose" on Läther); the first and last parts of the drum solo appear on Stage #3, as "Hands with a Hammer", duly credited to Bozzio - and the 1976 part of "Zoot Allures" on that album is also from Osaka. My recording equipment consisted of a Sony TC-153 SD portable stereo tape deck, a component-quality cassette deck intended for on-location recording of non-critical quality.

The left channel was fed via one EQ directly into one channel of the Mac's audio input.

The right signal was fed firstly through a short delay of about 5 milliseconds before going through the second EQ and then into the other channel of the Mac.

The History & Collected Improvisations of Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention flips the sides around, and lists only three tracks on side 2: "The Illinois Enema Bandit", "Show Me Your Thumb" and "The Torture Never Stops".

Strange; if you misspell it as "Agamoto" it looks kind of Japanese, which may have inspired someone to come up with "The Eyes of Osaka". The complete chronological song list is as follows: 1.

During warmup rehearsals several hours before the show, Zappa's band played "Layla", and I could kick myself for not having my tape deck with me.