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Consolidating ableton live

Consolidating is only a way of turning the clip that is within the start and end point (defined in the clip region) into its own file.

After jumping to the first or last locator in the Arrangement, the Previous and Next Locator buttons will jump to the Arrangement start or end, respectively.

Locators can be moved by clicking and dragging, or with the arrow keys on your computer keyboard.

When the Arrangement contains time signature changes, the time signature editor displays an automation LED in the upper left corner.

Time signature markers are not quantized; they may be placed anywhere in the timeline, and their positioning is only constrained by the editing grid (see 6.9).

You can recall (jump to) locators by clicking on them, or with the Previous and Next Locator buttons on either side of the Set button.

Locators can also be recalled using MIDI/key mapping (see Chapter 26).

This can be done in real time during playback or recording with the Set Locator button, and will be quantized according to the global quantization value set in the Control Bar.

Clicking the Set Locator button when the Arrangement is not playing will create a locator at the insert marker or selection start.

Again, this can be a great way to solidify a pitch drop or grain size sweep, so that the audio file can then be used elsewhere.

This by no way exhausts the possibilities of resampling and consolidating, but hopefully it helps.

Consolidating can also be a tremendous help when you are just working on just a portion of a larger audio file.